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Oatopia’s 2022 Complete Festival Guide

Festival season is back! From music and comedy to the arts and theatre, we are looking forward to being re-immersed into the booming atmosphere of Summer festivals. 

It’s time to pack your bags to make sure you're ready for the festival days and nights - we've put together a list of festival essentials to make sure you're not forgetting the important bits as well as the fun extras! 

Camping Supplies

Most Summer festivals last for more than one day, warranting an overnight stay in huge fields. While camping with a large group of people can be fun, camp sites can often be messy, muddy and uneven! Be sure to pack the essentials, which we have listed below, to make for the optimal festival camping experience. 

  • A tent - You should bring a sturdy tent with you to shield against any unexpected weather, and one that can be reused in future! Be aware that most festival campsites encourage you to take any belongings with you when you leave to avoid unnecessary landfill. 
  • A sleeping bag - Bring a good quality sleeping bag with you to keep you warm during the festival nights. 
  • A roll mat - Most festival grounds are often uneven and can therefore be uncomfortable to sleep on. Bringing a roll mat with you (or an inflatable mattress) can improve your sleeping arrangements - and prevent any sore backs! 
  • Pillows - This will support your head and prevent sore necks from the uneven festival grounds!
  • Towels/Wash cloths - Most festival campsites have banned the use of disposable wipes, even biodegradable ones! Bringing a washcloth/towel and a bar of soap are good, environmentally-friendly alternatives to wipes and can keep you feeling fresh throughout the festival days and nights!
  • A torch - This will help you find your way back to your tent at night, and the way to our Oatopia van! 
  • Bin bags - To avoid spreading waste and overfilling festival bins, bring your own bin bag to dispose of any rubbish that you have. Make sure to bring this bag back home with you to dispose of it properly.
  • A bag for dirty washing - This will save you searching for a clean t-shirt and underwear on your third day!

Food and Cooking Supplies 

If you have no room in your bag for food items, you can find our Oatopia van across many festivals this Summer, including Camp Bestival, Latitude Festival, Lovetrails, At Ease Festival and more! We will be offering our range of delicious freshly made porridge, fruit smoothies, coffee and of course our award-winning flapjacks - the perfect way to fuel your festival days and nights! 

These days there is usually lots of food to try at festivals, but it's always good to have something back at the tent for back up. Some classic emergency food items can include:

  • Dry noodle packets/Pot noodles 
  • Cup-a-soup 
  • Oatopia flapjacks 
  • Nut mixes 

Make sure you go equipped with cooking utensils including reusable cutlery and drinkware. Bringing a reusable water bottle is essential and helps prevent high levels of waste on the campsite, and can keep your water colder for longer (depending on the type of water bottle you bring). The same is advised for coffee cups; reusable is always preferred. You can ever bring your own bowl to Oatopia for your porridge!

Toiletries and Personal Items

It is important to pack strategically for festivals, to avoid carrying around heavy bags and realising you only brought one pair of socks! We have put together a list of festival toiletries and clothing essentials below. 

  • Hand sanitiser - Festival sites are not the most hygienic and you can often that toilets/washrooms lack hand soap. Brining along hand sanitiser or wet wipes can help you feel fresh throughout the festival. 
  • Waterproof clothing - The UK weather is unpredictable and so it is always best to be prepared for rain.
  • A warm jumper - Despite it being Summer in the UK and despite having a heatwave or two already this year, Summer nights can get chilly. Make sure you pack a jumper to keep you warm at nights - one should be enough. 
  • Socks and Underwear - Always bring extra! 
  • Wellies/comfortable waterproof shoes 
  • T-shirts/Jeans/Leggings/Nightwear 
  • SPF - Yes, we still live in the UK and a sunny day can be rare! However, you are still exposed to harmful UV rays by being out in the open air - even on cloudy days. Therefore, it's important to make sure you are re-applying SPF to protect your skin. 

Now that you have packed all of your essentials, you are ready to make a return to Summer festivals! Head over to our Instagram to stay up-to-date with which festivals we are at. 

Festival Line Up


1-3 Love Trails, South Wales

15-17 Fairford International Air Show, Fairford

27-31 Camp Bestival, Dorset


26-28 August At Ease Festival 


16-18 Goodwood Revival, Chichester 

27-30 London Marathon Expo, Excel Centre 


22-23 Beachy Head Marathon, Eastbourne