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Our Story

At the heart of Oatopia is a passion for the humble oat and flapjack.
Born from a belief in living healthily and enjoying a balanced diet Oatopia provides delicious enjoyment and energy to everyone’s everyday with it's range of unique and irresistible flapjacks, handcrafted with artisanal homemade recipes and high quality ingredients.
Founded in 2011 by endurance athlete Tamar Coleman, Oatopia was born out of a frustration with the lack of delicious and nutritionally-replenishing food and snacks available at sports events.
Tamar and her family took it upon themselves to change this.
Now Oatopia is set to launch it's range of Oat Bakes to the retail market. It remains a family-run, female led business with daughters Yasmin and Sophie at the helm.

Our Principles

Independent, Family-Founded Business

We are a small independent business, proudly born and bred in Sussex. Family values are at the heart of our business!

Environmentally Conscious

We care about our environment and try to do our bit to make the world a greener and cleaner place today and for the future.

People Focused

We want to give people energy and enjoyment in their day with great tasting products. Nutritionally beneficial but indulgent! 

Health Conscious

We are a transparent brand that is clear and honest about what is in our products. We want our products to be as nutritionally beneficial as possible and so use high quality natural ingredients in our recipes.


We are creative, crafty and unique with a focus and commitment to making high quality products that stand out.  

Female Led

Led by mother Tamar and two daughters Sophie and Yasmin, we are a female-led business with strong values and plenty of ambition.

Oatopia On The Road

Oatopia began as a healthy eating mobile food truck catering at festivals and events around the UK. The business quickly grew with the growth of demand for healthier food options on the go.


Oatopia started to wholesale tray bakes of it's flapjacks to cafe's and small businesses all around the UK.

Online Shop

At events we found we could not cut up our flapjacks fast enough. We decided to open our online shop and continued to develop our flavour options and recipes.

The Next

Oatopia has developed a new range of Oat Bakes for the retail market. Soon you'll be able to purchase four of our best selling flavours in a shop near you!