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Our Story

Founded by endurance athlete Tamar Coleman in December 2011, Oatopia started out catering at local sports events serving porridge and flapjacks to famished runners and triathletes.
It was a full family affair from the beginning with two daughters Yasmin and Sophie and husband Peter helping run the business.

Oatopia at Festivals

Oat life soon became a full time affair as Oatopia expanded it’s roster of events to include music festivals across the UK.

Oatopia opens in London

2017 marked the start of a new adventure. Oatopia opened at Boxpark Croydon, offering commuters and locals in East Croydon a delicious breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

The following year saw the opening of a second outlet at Boxpark Wembley located alongsde the famous Wembley Stadium, home to international events of all kinds. And finally after a challenging year, in 2021 a third Oatopia outlet opened it’s doors at Boxpark Shoreditch.

2021 and beyond!

Oatopia remains family led and run, now with an amazing team of staff helping spread the love for oats and amazing customer base to whom we are so grateful. The future is oatful!