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Oatopia at the 2023 London Marathon

Oatopia are back at Oat HQ after an amazing week in London trading at the London Marathon show.

We had great fun meeting runners from all over the world at the London Marathon show and introducing them to our flapjacks. We had many returning customers and met some of our loyal online customers there too!

As well as trading at the show, we supplied the London Marathon goodie bag with one of our new products, the Original Oat Bake. We made 50,000 Oat Bakes for the goodie bags, all of which were handed out to the runners at the finish line. Just the energy boost needed after 26.2miles of running!


What makes the Original Oat Bake good for runners?

Our Original Oat Bake has 60g of carbohydrate per 100g making it a great naturally energising snack especially after a marathon when the body needs an energy boost. The Oat Bake also contains 6.1g of protein per 100g. Protein is necessary for muscle repair so eating one of our Oat Bakes after a run helps kick-start your recovery process. 


What is unique about our new Original Oat Bake? 

It's delightful taste, texture and satisfying size is what makes the Original Oat Bake so unique. Unlike other oat bars, flapjacks and energy snacks on the market, the Original Oat Bake has a melt in your mouth texture and delicious buttery flavour. It is also a satisfying size at 120g per bar. In addition the Oat Bake is also nut free and suitable for vegans. 


What is the difference between our Original Oat Bake and Original Flapjack?

The Original Oat Bake recipe is exactly the same as our Original flapjack, the only differences between them are their size, the packaging and best before date. Our Original flapjack weighs 180g, comes packaged in a craft bag and can be purchased via our website here. Our Original Oat Bake is our retail bar which weighs 120g, comes packaged in a recyclable plastic wrapper and is also currently available in our online shop and soon to be more widely available in other retail stores. Both are suitable for vegans and nut free.


When will the Original Oat Bake become available in shops?

Very soon! We are currently talking to various suppliers who want to stock our Oat Bakes. Keep an eye on our socials, website and newsletter for further updates.

Congratulations to all the runners who took part in the marathon. We hope to see you again next year!