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5 Great Flavour Combos For Your Flapjacks

Breathe new life into your favourite flapjack recipe with these delicious and simple filling and decoration ideas from award-winning artisan flapjack bakers, Oatopia.

Everyone loves an oaty, chewy flapjack! They’re tasty and filling, and the perfect snack. But they’re also a great blank canvas for creative bakers who want to experiment with delicious fillings and decorative toppings.
Because we’re experts in all things flapjack, we wanted to share with you some tips on how to recreate some of our best-sellers, like our Bakewell or Millionaire’s flapjack. Why not follow these top flapjack decoration tips the next you’re whipping up a batch, and see if you could level up your bake!
Alternatively, skip the hassle and buy fresh, tasty artisan flapjacks direct from Oatopia’s online shop now, made with love, care and flair in our Sussex bakery (and get free delivery on orders over £35!).

Almond Bakewell flapjack recipe

Almond Bakewell filling doesn’t just have to be for pastry tarts – it also goes a treat with a classic flapjack.
When we bake ours (it’s one of our best selling products), we top the flapjack with a sprinkling of toasted, flaked almonds, and a lacey spiral of drizzled icing sugar. Inside, you can replicate that delicious almond flavour by stirring ground almonds directly into your flapjack mix, which will also give it a fluffier, cakier texture.
When pouring your flapjack mix into the tray, hold back half, and place down a thin layer of your favourite cherry pie filling, before sandwiching it in place with the remainder of the mix, giving it a colourful, distinctive line of fruity goodness.
Our best-selling almond Bakewell flapjacks are always a hit, and are the perfect snack to slip in your bag before your next countryside hike, camping trip or day at the beach. Shop now.

Belgian chocolate orange flapjack recipe

Love chocolate orange? Why not try introducing that alluring blend of chocolatey, citrusy flavours to your favourite flapjack recipe!
First, melt your choice of either milk or dark Belgian chocolate, about (50g), then stir into your flapjack base. If you like your bakes on the sugary side, then go for milk chocolate, otherwise something dark with high cocoa content will complement the flapjack’s caramel tones beautifully. Then, before baking, grate in the zest of about half an orange.
To finish, decorate the flapjacks by grating over a little more orange zest, and an artsy drizzle of melted chocolate. If you really want to push the boat out, retain some of the peel from the orange or its segments, and candy them in your oven before arranging on top!
At Oatopia, we use a special zesty orange oil to give our Belgian chocolate orange flapjacks extra-zing! Have a look and order one to try now.

Millionaire’s shortbread flapjack recipe

It’s hard to resist a classic millionaire’s shortbread, layered with gooey caramel and topped with a layer of crisp chocolate, but wait until you try it in flapjack form!
First, create your caramel topping by following an online recipe to make dulce de leche – this is often as simple as letting a can of condensed milk boil on the hob for an hour or so. When you’re ready, make sure your flapjacks are out of the oven and cooled, before spreading over a layer of caramel, then topping with a luscious layer of melted chocolate.
  • We like to make our Oatopia Millionaire’s flapjacks slightly more complicated - with chocolate inside the flapjack – for an intensely rich, sweet flavour! Why not try one of ours?

Salted caramel flapjack recipe

Salted caramel is an amazing addition to many sweet treats, but believe us when we say, it really comes into its own when baked into a buttery, chewy flapjack.
To make caramel from scratch, carefully caramelise your sugar in a saucepan until it starts to melt. Then, vigorously whisk in your butter (be careful - the mix will foam!) until combined, before slowly trickling in the cream, and remember, take it off the heat if it starts to split while you’re whisking. At this point, add a generous pinch of salt.
You can then mix this delicious concoction into your flapjack base, taking care to adjust the baking time to accommodate the extra liquid, and save a bit to drizzle on top at the end.
If that sounds like a lot of work, there’s no need to worry! You can order an Oatopia salted caramel flapjack for just £3 (made using Himalayan mountain salt).

Jewel bar recipe

What do you get when you cross rocky road with flapjacks? A satisfyingly chewy jewel bar, packed with nuts, seeds, chocolate chips and topped with a squidgy, generous layer of caramel - plus anything else you fancy adding!
Try different combinations of nuts and seeds depending on your taste - toasted, crushed walnuts are delicious, as are peanuts, hazelnuts and caramelised pumpkin seeds. But it’s really up to you. Just bear in mind that the more you pad out your flapjack with extra dry ingredients will affect the baking time. Finish with a thick layer of caramel using one of the methods above!
Want to serve something special in your cafe, restaurant or at your next event? We sell all our amazing artisan flapjacks wholesale and we’ll deliver next day too.