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Three simple tricks to give your flapjacks more protein

When it comes to sweet treats, we think our flapjacks come out on top! We love their oaty flavour and texture, the way they’re actually filling, and best of all, how they easily provide important sources of energy and nutrients when you’re on the go – did you know that oats are more than 13% protein?

In fact, our lovely artisan flapjack company Oatopia was born because we got fed up with attending endurance sport events, only to find the post-race snacks were underwhelming and unsatisfying – after a triathlon or a marathon, you need something proper to eat! Our first official outing as Oatopia was actually at a local cross-country race where we sorted out the famished runners with our delicious filling flapjacks and porridge. 

Another great thing about flapjacks is they’re super versatile. So if you’re training, in need of a solid post-gym snack, or just generally fancy adding some ‘oomph’ to your next batch of flapjacks, here are three great (mostly vegan) ways to give your bakes an extra protein hit.

Try a scoop of vegan protein powder

Protein powders can get a bad rep and we can totally see why - the plant-based in particular can lend shakes and smoothies a gritty, chalky texture.

But one ingenious way to avoid this issue while still getting all the nutritional benefit is to bake the protein powder directly into your flapjacks - it really works! The result is a protein-rich flapjack bar that’s ready to go with you whatever you’re up to. For a recipe that uses around 250g of oats, add 2-3 tbsp of your protein powder and mix thoroughly, then proceed as usual. 

Our top tip? Look for a protein powder with a vanilla flavour, and make sure you adjust the cooking times to allow for a drier mix – it’ll most likely bake faster.

If you don’t fancy experimenting in the kitchen, don’t worry – we’ve done our research and come up with the perfect protein-rich flapjack recipe, featuring Mornflake oats, fresh banana, peanut butter and vegan protein, which we bake to perfection in our small Sussex bakery. 

Our protein flapjack bar was created specifically for the ultra-runner Dan Lawson for when he was running a 400km in the Gobi desert and come in at 11g of protein per 100g! Order yours here

Peanut butter + flapjacks = amazing 

We reckon peanut butter is kind of like a miracle food - it’s affordable, last for ages, is so tasty, and has solid protein credentials (though this can vary from brand to brand so do check the label). We like Meridian – and that’s what we use to make ours. 

But if you’re baking at home, and want to make your flapjacks gorgeously peanutty and more protein-enhanced, there are two easy ways. First up, one simple yet effective method is to smear a tablespoon of peanut butter on top of your flapjack. However, if you’re planning on tucking in on the go, we recommend baking the peanut butter directly into our flapjacks – which is what we do for our nutty, delicious peanut protein bar. If you’d like to try it at home, melt the peanut butter in with the butter, sugar and syrup, taking care to adjust your ratios so your mix doesn’t end up too wet. 

We think we’ve perfected the recipe in our delicious, protein-rich Peanut Butter Flapjack made with 100% Meridian organic peanut butter! Order a box now

Add a handful of seeds

We love seeds! In our granola, on our salads, and naturally, in our flapjacks. They bring an amazing, crunchy texture, flavour, and of course, a welcome hit of protein. 

Flaxseeds are front runners in the nutrition stakes, but pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds are all fantastic too. Plus, they’re also excellent vegan sources of Omega-3s, important for a healthy heart. Try adding about 75g to your next bake and baking them for about 20 minutes, for a deliciously chewy snack with extra nutrients. 

We put pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and more (do we want to list other nuts/seeds etc) into our wholesome Breakfast Bars. They’re full of seeds, nuts and other energy sources, making them perfect if you don’t often have time to sit down for breakfast – just slip one in your pocket, and you’re good to go. Order yours now.


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