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A Runner’s Fuel - How Oats Can Impact Your Run

As a family of runners, oats are near and dear to our hearts. Before Oatopia was born, we would spend our weekends competing in triathlons and various endurance sports events across the UK but would always struggle to find nutritious meals, leaving us famished and tired. We decided it was time to change that and began selling our award-winning flapjacks at the events which turned out to be a huge success! 

As oats are central to our business and sports lifestyle, we wanted to give our customers an insight into the benefits of the popular grain and the different ways to enjoy them. 

What are oats?

Oats are the seeds of the common oat grain plant and are part of a small group of grains that have high protein content. Half a cup of cooked oats has almost 7g of protein, making it the ideal snack post-workout.  

What is the nutritional value of oats? 

Oats offer a regular dose of Vitamin B and are rich in minerals and antioxidants; essentials for maintaining a good level of cholesterol in the body! The high protein grain is also a great source of minerals including manganese and beta-glucan, a group of antioxidants that help fight free radicals resulting in an immune system boost. 

Why are oats good for runners? 

Oats are considered to be optimal pre or post-run fuel due to their high carbohydrate content and easy digestibility. Regarded as a complex carbohydrate, oats release a steady stream of energy rather than causing a spike in blood sugar, restoring glycogen levels and ultimately preventing a ‘sugar crash’. We recommend eating a bowl or porridge topped with natural ingredients or one of our flapjacks 1.5 to 2 hours before your run. One of our energy balls also make perfect snacks for 20-30 minutes before you head out. 

Oats are also powerful deterrents of illnesses and infections in runners. The mineral beta-glucan has been known to reduce the risk of Upper Respiratory Tract infections in marathon runners and endurance athletes whilst the mineral manganese promotes faster recovery and decreased levels of fatigue. Just half a cup of oats can give you your daily requirement of 2g of manganese! 

Top tip: Eat a healthy balanced meal approx 2 hours before your run to ensure you have properly fuelled! 

How to enjoy a t-oat-ally nutritious meal post-run  

If you are opting for oats post-run and need that extra protein boost, we recommend trying our vegan Protein Bar flapjack, specifically made for ultra runner Dan Lawson! Our protein bar flapjack contains 11g of protein, delivering that much-needed energy boost post-run. 

With the London Marathon fast approaching, it is important to be aware of the above nutritional information. Your diet plays an integral role in your running ability and protein intake is essential for a successful day!

We are proud to announce that we will be supplying The London Marathon this year, meaning racers can find our Original Oat Bake in their goodie bags. 

If you aren’t racing, you can still get your flapjack fix by visiting our stall at the London Excel Centre when you go to collect your race pack. You can find us at stall B01, inside The London Marathon Running Show.

Want to order some flapjacks for your next run? Check out our online shop here.