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10 Reasons Oats Are Good For Nursing Mothers and Easy Ways To Eat Them

Choosing the right foods to support postpartum recovery, milk production, to stay energised, and get through all the other tasks required of Mum in a day is essential.

Oats are amongst one of the most healthy and nutrient-dense foods a Mum can eat. Here's why:

1. Plant oestrogens called phytoestrogens are found in oats which are believed to help stimulate breast milk production.
2. Oats contain protein as well as various vitamins and minerals.
3. Oats are good for the gut and microbiome with high amounts of soluble fibre. They are ideal for relieving constipation which is often a concern post delivery.
4. Saponins - a substance believed to promote breastfeeding hormones - are found in oats.
5. Oats have beta-glucan, a specific type of fiber that is believed to also help stimulate breast milk production.
6. Oats have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
7. Oats are naturally gluten free (however they can often be processed in a factory that also makes wheat products so if you have celiac disease double check the allergen information on packaging).
8. Oats are energising, with slow-release carbohydrates.
9. The psychological health benefits of food are often overlooked but when tired and stressed Mums need a bit of self-care oats provide both mood boosting nutrition and comfort.
10. Oats are easy to include in the diet in many delicious ways! Here's our guide to how:

- Baked oats such as Oatopia's flapjacks are the perfect easy to eat, grab and go oat based snack. 
- Add rolled oats to your smoothies along with Brewer's Yeast (full of iron & vitamin B) and hemp seeds (a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids).
- Replace 1/4 of flour in pancake mix with oat flour or rolled oats.
- Using rolled oats cook them in milk (or water if you want to keep fat content down) to make porridge.
- They can even be used in savoury dishes such as soups, risottos and curries by replacing rice with steel cut oats. 
- Add oats into baking recipes such as cookies, brownies, muffins, banana bread and other breads.