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Easter Gifts and Activities Guide

What Is Easter And Why Do We Celebrate It?

Spring has sprung and Easter is on its way! A widely celebrated Christian holiday, Easter is the perfect way to spend time with the family. Christians celebrate Easter due to their belief in Jesus Christ’s resurrection three days after his crucifixion on the Friday - which is now regarded as Good Friday. 

Why Do We Celebrate With Easter Eggs?

Originally, eating eggs was not allowed by Church leaders during the week leading up to the Easter holidays. Eggs that were laid during this week were saved and decorated with colour to mark the end of Christians’ period of penance and fasting, before eating them on Easter Sunday. 

The first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany in the 19th century, but were bitter and difficult to eat due to their texture. As the method of chocolate making improved, hollow and sweeter chocolate eggs were produced - similar to the ones we enjoy today! 

The custom of celebrating with Easter eggs and gifts has typically been centred around the Easter bunny and giving to young children. However, the Easter celebrations are an exciting occasion for all ages! Whether you are gifting traditional presents like chocolate eggs or branching out to non-traditional options, we have put together a list of Easter gifts fit for all. 

Easter Gift Ideas 2023

Easter Letterbox Gifts

Oatopia’s limited edition Easter gift box is the perfect chocolate egg alternative. Sticking with the traditional chocolate theme, the Easter box contains 2 x Belgian Milk Chocolate flapjacks, topped with mini eggs, 1 x Simnel Cake Flapjack. 

You can order our Easter box here. 

For a limited time only, you can also purchase individual Belgian Milk Chocolate flapjacks, topped with mini eggs or Simnel Cake flapjacks, topped with mazipan. An indulgent treat for your Easter tea break! 

If you want to treat the whole family to some flapjacks then we recommend our Chocolate gift box filled with 8 different flavours of chocolate flapjacks. You can add some extra flavours too as our gift boxes fit up to 12 flapjacks inside.

Customise your order by adding a personalised note at checkout. Free UK delivery available for all orders over £35. All orders placed before 12pm will be delivered on the next working day. 

Easter Tea

Hoogly’s Chocolate Brownie Black Tea is the perfect pairing for all of the Easter feasting. Made with Sri Lankan Black Tea, cacao nibs and vanilla pieces, their indulgent blend is a tribute to all of the sweet things in life. 

Purchase a box of 5, 15 or 50 pyramid bags here. 


Make Your Own Hot Cross Buns 

Honeywell Biscuit Co.’s Hot Cross Bunny Baking kit is perfect for the Easter holidays! A great way to keep the kids entertained without all of the chocolate. The kit contains all pre-weighed dry ingredients - just add eggs, butter and milk. 

The kit makes 6 Bunnies - perfect for sharing! 

You can purchase the kit here.

Sugar-Free Treats

If you are looking for an Easter egg alternative this year that involves no sugar, Ruby and Bo’s Egg Hunt Plantable Seed Paper Easter Eggs are a great option! The paper eggs have been milled in the UK and embedded with 24 varieties of native British wildflowers. Order them in packs of 6,12 or 24. You can purchase them here. 

Easter Activities Ideas 2023

An Easter egg hunt

The most traditional activity at easter is an Easter egg hunt! This is great fun to do with children of all ages as well as adults and can be done in the house or out in a garden. All you have to do is hide small items like chocolate eggs around the house or garden without anyone else seeing you, then once you've hidden all the treats everyone has to try and find them! Make sure you know exactly how many eggs your hiding and make a note of all the places you hide them in case your hiding spots are too good and not all the eggs are found!
If you want to make your Easter egg hunt more difficult, then we suggest writing lots of clues, left in different places, with each clue leading to the next until finally they lead to the spot where the Easter eggs can be found. This requires more creativity but can be more fun too!

Egg decorating

Hard boil some chicken eggs for a minimum of 8 minutes then leave the eggs to cool. After they are cooled you can pick them up and start decorating them using Posca pens or paint. 

Egg and spoon race

Take your decorated egg and balance it on a spoon. Get everyone to line up alongside each other with their egg and spoon in hand. The challenge is to run with the egg and spoon to the finish line as fast as possible! The firt one to cross the line is the winner and gets a prize. We recommend our Easter flapjack box as the perfect prize!

Egg Bowling

Another fun game to play with your hard-boiled egg is egg bowling! Find a flat surface to play on and put an object down on one side of the flat area. From the opposite side of the play area you have to roll your hard boiled egg, trying to get it to stop rolling as close to the object as possible. The person who rolls their egg nearest the object wins! We recommend our Chocolate flapjack box as the perfect prize!

Make sure your hard boiled egg doesn't go to waste. Peel off the shell and eat the egg as is cold, or mash the egg up with mayo and watercress and eat in a sandwich.

Easter walk in nature

It's the perfect time to see the colours of spring start to bloom, with wildflowers such as bluebells and daffodils growing in abundance and green leaves unfurling on the trees. 

Easter picnic

After your walk in nature choose a picturesque spot to spread out your blanket and tuck into some Oatopia flapjacks! Remember to leave no trace when you pack up to head home.