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Oatopia's Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Christmas Gift Inspiration 

Gifting season has come around once more - and what better gift to give than a festive hamper filled with delicious produce! Knowing what to gift loved ones can be a really tricky decision to make. With a hamper you can get creative and fill it with lots of smaller gifs that can be tailored to the recipient rather than trying to think of one gift to give them - plus who doesn’t love getting a basket full of presents? 

What should I include in a hamper?

The great thing about hampers is that they can be personalised, so you can include items that you know the recipient will love! Here at Oatopia, we like to follow the ‘5 gift rule’ for Christmas hampers; 

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need (though they might not know it!)
  3. Something to eat
  4. Something to read
  5. Something to drink!

Following the 5 gift rule for Christmas is a great way of filling your hamper with gifts that are varied, will be appreciated and remembered! 

How to create your own hamper

Firstly, source a hamper that is big enough to carry all of the gifts, or even make one yourself (there are lots of videos on youtube on how to do this using just a cardboard box and fabric). Then consider if you would like your hamper to have a theme. For Christmas gifting, you may want the theme to be ‘cosy’ or ‘festive’, for example. You can match the wrapping paper to your theme if you wish! 

There are a few factors to consider when putting together a hamper, including:

Hamper contents

Following the 5 gift rule, think about what the recipient wants and needs, what they might like to eat (you can never go wrong with an Oatopia flapjack!) and something they should read - a book or a magazine (we recommend Positive News).

Our artisan flapjacks are the perfect gift to include. Our flapjacks are award-winning and made freshly in our Sussex bakery. With over 20 flavours to choose from, there is a flapjack for everyone - including lots of nut-free and vegan options. 

Include one of our collection boxes in your hamper, or create your own custom box of flapjacks. 


At Oatopia we value the environment. Use recycled materials for your packaging such as shredded cardboard or recycled tissue paper or upcycle nice fabric. Make sure not to buy metallic wrapping paper as that cannot be recycled! 

Expiry dates 

If you are including food items in your hamper, it is important to consider expiry dates. Don’t forget to take a look at the expiry dates and save yourself from gifting food that will go out-of-date by the time the hamper is opened. 

Oatopia’s flapjacks last for a month so you can order any from the 1st of December for your hamper. Please refer to our website for full storage instructions per product. 

Personal touches

Finally, you can elevate your hamper by adding a final personal touch. Add a gift note or card to personalise your hamper. 

What are Oatopia’s festive flapjack flavours?

Festive Oatopia flapjack flavours:

Next day flapjack delivery

If you are a last minute gifter, we’ve got you covered! You can order our flapjacks for next working day delivery, if you place your order before 12pm Monday-Thursday. Enjoy free delivery on orders over £35 and sign up to our Newsletter to get extra discounts.