A few of the Oat family took a break from the daily oat grind to travel off grid in India and take part in the Goa Paradise Trails ultra run. The event was comprised of a 25km and 100km race (or a bit further depending on how off the course you meandered…) The run course was designed by our sponsored athlete Dan Lawson and with Dan in charge it was bound to be interesting! Starting on Patnem beach the runners navigated their way through diverse terrain using GPS, passing through lively villages, along sun drenched roads and dirt trails, winding through jungle, and across beautiful beaches to the finish on Kola beach. Energised by fresh coconut, bananas and our very own energy bombs, the Oatopia team finished in good spirits, having each overcome challenges along the way.

With the adventure over it was time to worship the sun, stretch the body and mind with yoga, and eat curry (when in India!)

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