We caught up with Oatopia ambassador and world champion ultra runner Dan Lawson upon his return to the UK from his winter base in India…

Q: Whereabouts in India do you base yourself for your winter training? How did it go? 

Dan: My family and I have been travelling to India during the winter for around ten years now. We stay in a little village in South Goa which has become our second home now. My wife, my eldest daughter and myself, all do a little bit of work out there and the best bit is I get to train in the sunshine rather than the sub zero UK temperatures! This year training has gone well. I’ve been trying to up my pace a little so have focused more on shorter speed sessions. The only thing I really miss out there is being able to train with a group. It makes a big difference as lots and lots of solitary sessions can get hard.

Q: 2. What are your major goals for the 2018 race season?

Dan: 2018 is split into two halves really. Everything up to May is based around getting myself in tiptop condition for the IAU 24hr European Championships. I have a few races in the build up, including one in China, but these are all training for the champs. After that I need to start running in the hills and mountains more to prepare my self for the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler in Colorado.

Q: 3. Do you ever train with music? If so what tunes/genre do you like? If you don’t train with it then what music do you like anyway??

Dan: I very rarely listen to music whilst running. Sometimes I’ll play an audiobook but I find that you lose your sense of the now and that important connection with your body with headphones on. I like all music, but am a fan of heart 80s FM ! I also love a bit of Ska and when I crossed the line at The Gobi last year they boomed out ‘A Message to you Rudy’ for me!

Q: 4. After you finish a run are you strict about stretching off and a proper warm down?

Dan: I’m not very strict at all about a stretch off! But I do a lot of yoga, usually around 5 days a week, and I use that as my stretching.

Q: 5. What is your favourite Oatopia flapjack flavour?

Dan: I love all the flapjacks but in races my flapjack fuel comes from the protein or Danbar. It hits the spot!

You can follow Dan on his running adventures around the world @Therunningdan.



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