Salted Caramel

We’ve enriched the taste of soft caramel using a pinch of Himalayan mountain salt to create a sublime blend of flavours. The aroma alone will send your senses whirling. It’s one of our newest additions to the Fatjack family and a show stopping best seller.

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per GIANT 180g/Fatjack (approx)

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What's Inside

Oats 48%, vegetable fat spread (vegetable oils (rapseed, palm, sunflower) water, salt, buttermilk, preservative, citric acid, emulsifier (mono-diglyceride fatty acids) flavouring, carotenes, vitamins A, D) 19%, golden syrup 15%, brown sugar 15%, caramel (burnt sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, water, starch, natural flavourings) 2.6% Salt 0.4%

Allergen Advice

Gluten & wheat free. May contain nut traces. Not suitable for vegans.

Nutritional Info

Our products have been poked at by boffins in a lab, who came up with these figures.

per 100g of yummy Salted Caramel Fatjack flapjack...

Energy (KJ): 1693
Energy (Kcal): 406

Carbohydrates: 60.4
Of Which Sugars: 24.1
Fat: 14.6
of which saturates: 3.42
Fibre: 5.1
Protein: 6.9