A family affair from the beginning

Catering has run in our family since 1950 starting out with a traditional fish and chip shop in London's East End. We have modernised since then but over the years our love for producing quality food with an artisanal flare has prevailed.

Inspired by sport and the foods we love

Each weekend the whole family would pack up and travel to compete at triathlons and endurance sports events around the UK. Rarely at the events could we find fresh, healthy and nutritious food on the event site, and vegetarian options were always limited. We decided to set out and change this.

We took some risks and tried something new

In 2011, with excited but somewhat nervous anticipation, we re-entered the sports arena with Oatopia (back then called The Oat Hut) in tow. Our first event was a local cross country race held down the road in Brighton and we went down a storm! Since that day we have never looked back.

We decided to travel further afield, venturing into the unknown territory of music festivals and taking on a permanent trade pitch every week day morning on the forecourt of Brighton Station.

Spreading the love for oats

It seemed we were doing something right! To our delight, everywhere we went people loved our porridge, flapjacks and coffee. By 2013 our small fleet of trucks were traveling around the UK catering at all kinds of events.

We decided it was time for a makeover and began to wonder if other people might like to get involved in our little porridge business...

Oatopia - Naturally Fuelling Life's Adventures

2014 marked a new and exciting chapter in our oat fuelled journey, we re-branded to Oatopia; launched as a franchise; and began selling our giant Fatjack flapjacks online!

We can't believe how much our humble porridge hut has grown and are hugely grateful for the positive response we have received; without loyal customers who appreciate good food and support small independent business Oatopia would not exist. Thank you!

The Colemans x