‘Dan the running man’ is an ultra runner part of the Great Britain Ultra Team. A local Brighton athlete who splits his time between Brighton and Goa.

Last year he represented the UK in a 24 hour World Championship in Italy that was part of the Gold Medal winning team, as well as personally coming 22nd in the world individually. In 2015 Dan won the World and European Championships with Team GB as well as setting course records at the 145 mile Grand Union Canal Race, the 85 mile Ridgeway Ultra and the 55k Black Rat as well as finishing 2nd at the 153 mile Spartathlon one of the most iconic ultra races in the world. He is also a world record holder for the longest distance covered in a week on a treadmill and has numerous distance records set in India. In 2016 Dan will compete again with team GB at the 24 hr European Championships and race what is billed the toughest ultra in the world, the 135 mile Badwater Ultra in Death Valley USA.

Dan only began running ultra events in 2010 and, he set new records and challenges to raise money for charities he was a part of in India, such as running from Mumbai to Goa (700km) and running the Brighton marathon eight times nonstop (208 miles)! Dan then naturally progressed onto racing, but not for recognition, but out of his passion for endurance running. Ultra marathon events reflect the simplicity and the wild freedom of trail running that has become a way of life for Dan, and you will find him early in the morning exploring the south downs for training. Despite his incredible success, it is that he truly loves what he does and here at Oatopia we love to naturally fuel his adventures!

Dan’s Story:
“I have always run, since an early age, I remember competing in my first half marathon when I was just twelve.However it’s only in the past few years that I have really fallen in love with running and appreciate how much it brings to my life. Only a few years ago can I really remember first experiencing that ‘Flow’ sensation whilst running. A feeling of being connected to the natural world where your mind is free of any thought and your body and legs glide across the earth so effortlessly. I love this feeling and that is what motivates me to get up and run every day. 

It’s also compelled me to run further and faster and test my body by pushing it close to its limits. I am lucky that I can now call myself an ultra runner, which basically means competing in races which are longer than a standard marathon. I tend to run races between 100 to 150 odd miles. Travelling all over, running on trails that cut through some of the most stunning scenery and natural beauty in the world. 

Last year I ran across and over the Alps, hill stations in South India, beautiful footpaths in rural England, through olive groves in Greece and across the largest salt plain desert in the world. Oh yeah, and round an athletics track for 24 hours as part of the Great Britain Ultra Team who won the World and European Championships.

Whether competing or training running for me is such a natural movement, something the body loves to do. I try not to over complicate things with snazzy equipment and gadgets, I like to be able to feel the ground through my shoes and happiest wearing as little kit as possible. For me it’s being as close to the nature you are running through as you can.

The same goes for my nutrition before, during and after long runs. My philosophy is to keep what you put into your body as natural and whole as possible to drive such a natural movement. The Oatopia products are the perfect alternative to the unnatural and processed energy boosters on the market for runners. I use the power balls to fuel my longer races and runs and find when you love your body and feed it well it responds by giving you more back. This is an important factor for me I often train an average of 6 hours a day with a mixture of running, yoga, swimming and strength and conditioning work. Mainly running however and in the build up to a big race my weekly running mileage will be around 150 miles.’

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