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We happily trade freshly made porridge and coffee every Monday – Friday morning outside Brighton Station, serving up a healthy, filling and nutritious breakfast! We occasionally pop up at local weekend events and local markets too.


Before Oatopia, both of us were employed by charities on short term contracts – Anne worked as an occupational therapist and advocate, and as a teaching assistant, whilst Julie worked as a telephone engineer, railway ticket inspector and admin worker – however this work proved to grow increasingly unstable.

It was in 2012, on a rare business trip into London, that Anne came across the little “Oat Hut” van on Brighton Station forecourt. Never one to turn down the opportunity of a second breakfast, she bought a pot of porridge topped with cinnamon and seeds. Later that day, still feeling good after Breakfast number two, she shared her fantastic discovery with Julie and it set cogs whirring…

Neither of us had a background in catering but we both had a passion for healthy, delicious and nutritious food. Our thoughts and ideas continued to bubble until finally we decided to approach the Colemans to ask if they would considered franchising. It turned out we enquired at just the right time!

Fast forward a few months from that first meeting and on the 1st June 2014 we found ourselves on the Station forecourt in possession of that very same van Anne had come across, now rebranded as Oatopia and wrapped in glorious blue.

Eight months in we are still enjoying our complete change of lifestyle – even the very early starts – and have even been known to venture out on our cycles in the afternoons!

Julie & Anne x

Brighton Station Gallery


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